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中華民國的統獨掙扎 第二卷(2008-2015) The Struggle for Unity and Independence of the Republic of China Volume Two(2008-2015)

ByXuanjun Xie

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本書屬於《內參彙編》,時間跨度二十年,基本每月一篇有餘;包括文章將近三百,是極其珍貴的歷史資料——文章部分是命題約稿,並非全然作者所思。內容涉及廣泛,不限於兩岸關係;但由於命題的認可和閱讀,都是臺灣的決策者們,故此也都體現了他們所關注的問題,間接呈現了他們的所思所想,故此稱為“中華民國的統獨掙扎”。 由於這二十年間,歷經三屆臺灣總統任期,故此分為三卷出版。三屆之間,命題不同,應對有別,層次分明。 第二卷為馬英九時代—— 馬英九來源於中國大陸,他對兩岸關係的看法合作與他前面李登輝、陳水扁以及他後面的蔡英文是截然不同的。國民黨和馬英九都希望臺灣和大陸能夠最終統一,所以他們同意“九二共識”,努力促進“三通”,加強兩岸的之間的各種交往……北京及臺灣一些媒體都稱2008年國民黨馬英九的勝選代表著“九二共識”的勝利,但民進黨不會朝著接受九二共識的方向改變。這是因為“九二共識”解不開“對等談判”的死結——凡此種種,都在本卷有所體現。 Synopsis: This book belongs to "Internal Reference Compilation", with a time span of 20 years, basically more than one article per month; including nearly 300 articles, it is an extremely precious historical material - part of the article is a draft of the proposition, not entirely what the author thinks. The content covers a wide range and is not limited to cross-strait relations; but because the recognition and reading of the proposition are all made by Taiwanese policymakers, it also reflects the issues they are concerned about and indirectly presents their thoughts and thoughts, so it is called "" The struggle for unification and independence of the Republic of China". Since there have been three terms of president of Taiwan in the past two decades, it has been published in three volumes. Between the three sessions, the propositions are different, the responses are different, and the levels are clear. This second volume is the era of Ma Ying-jeou - Ma Ying-jeou is from Chinese mainland, and his views and cooperation on cross-strait relations are completely different from those of Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian before him and Tsai Ing-wen behind him. Both the Kuomintang and Ma Ying-jeou hope that Taiwan and the mainland can be finally reunified, so they agree to the "1992 Consensus, strive to promote the "three links," and strengthen various exchanges between the two sides of the strait. Some media outlets in Beijing and Taiwan have said that the 2008 victory of the KMT Ma Ying-jeou represents a victory in the "1992 Consensus," but the DPP will not change in the direction of accepting the 1992 Consensus. This is because the "1992 Consensus" cannot unravel the dead knot of "reciprocal negotiations"—all of which are reflected in this volume.


Publication Date
Aug 9, 2022
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By (author): Xuanjun Xie


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