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GIGA Society's High Range IQ Test Dictionary

A GIGA SOCIETY Selection of Untimed High Range IQ tests

ByKirk ButtYoungHoon Kim

The selection of untimed high range IQ tests chosen for inclusion in this booklet includes tests from around the world that are in the beta or preliminary stages of norming, along with fully normed tests. If known, the ceilings of individual IQ tests are reported as SD 15 IQ scores in this booklet. Information is not included on norming status, but URLs are provided where this information, along with the tests themselves, can be viewed. Tests can rather quickly advance from the pre-norm or beta stage onward to subsequent normings, so any norming status information provided here would soon become inaccurate or obsolete. All of the tests here appear to be active, continue to be scored, and for the most part access is available to current norms. Tests with only a few test takers are not included. This booklet is arranged alphabetically by author, and all tests can be located and downloaded online. Tests with overly inflated norms in relation to the actual difficulty levels of their content are not included here, and tests that have received valid criticisms in regards to their reliability or validity are not included. Authors who have themselves commented negatively or disparagingly about the quality of their own tests and statistical methods are not included here. Tests with questionable or objectionable content are not included. Compromised tests are not included where there has been collaboration or leaking of answers. Restricted tests are not included here, which are designed by authors who only allow access to their tests through a paid membership to their websites. Website: Email: [email protected]


Publication Date
Aug 17, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kirk Butt, By (author): YoungHoon Kim



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