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Russian Contemporary Art. Fabulous Paintings with Byzantine Roots

ByYuri Tsapayev

Where would civilization be without the four seasons? They provide us with hope expectations and a sense of drama; they also engender a constant sense of movement in our predictable lives - and something we can always talk about And where would Western civilization be without the combination of passion, visual stimulation and constant experimentation brought to us exclusively through Russian artworks? For centuries, Russian artists have kept pushing hard against local traditions or material limitations; boring juxtapositions and official disapproval; color and movement. All for us: for their appreciative, o􀅌en giddily amazed followers, Art lovers everywhere in search of a challenging icon to chew on an idea to mull over can always satisfy their craving for movement and variety and something different to talk about! For art lovers and collectors who may have lost track of the uniquely delicate yet intellectually muscular character of Russian art, this introduction to contemporary Russian art trends and history is just what the weatherman ordered! It is time to begin your personal journey toward being an icon.


Publication Date
Jul 3, 2023
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Yuri Tsapayev



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