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Retire Without Money

ByZahid Ameer

Discover Why Quitting The Rat Race Can Be One of The Most Rewarding Experience of Your Life By Making Your Life Full! Possibly the word retirement means different things to different individuals. If you mean by retirement a life of complete withdrawal from the world and no activity beyond a 24 hour day loafing, then you need read no further because I can't help you. The only manner in which to achieve this, so far as I know, is to inherit a sizable fortune and I doubt that the average reader of this book has done so. I might mention that such persons, who have retired in this manner, are seldom happy. I have met them all over the world, and they are seldom happy. The Contents of this eBook: + Why You Should Consider Retirement + Where to Retire + When to Retire + Retiring on a Small Income + America's Bargain Paradise + America's Art Colonies + In Your Own Home Town + And so much more...


Publication Date
Apr 4, 2014
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Zahid Ameer



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