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Social Justice Inks

Anthology of Poetry

ByLisa TomeyZaneta Varnado Johns

Social Justice Inks is about expression of social justice concerns and about working through these concerns, seeking answers is an ongoing process. We asked poets to offer their creative expressions about Social Justice and what they think about how to solve social problems in the world. This collection is from poets around the world, offering their points of view about Social Justice. It has brought chill bumps to rise, blood to boil, hearts to beat, and hope to ring true. It has often been said that awareness is the key from apathy to action. The writers offer such a strong awareness from so many perspectives. What will be interesting to hear is how the reader is affected and if the words stimulate change. Last, we cannot express deeply enough the appreciation for all these talented individuals who have come together to establish a community for social awareness. It has been a delight to work with Kay Payne as we developed a concept for the cover art. What I was looking for is something to show the positive spirit and power of nature. This evolved to the wreath of unity decorated with the spirit animals which came to mind. It is by no means exhaustive but was designed to show the power of the spirit. This comes from my personal belief that with unity we have strength and with strength and spirit we have power. May we always use that power to make positive changes in this world.


Publication Date
May 22, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Editor-in-chief: Lisa Tomey, Edited by: Zaneta Varnado Johns, By (author): Lisa Tomey, By (author): Zaneta Varnado Johns



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