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After the Rainbow

Golden Poems

ByZaneta Varnado Johns

After the Rainbow is the 2nd book from international bestselling author Zaneta Varnado Johns. The collection captures her transition to a woman in full pursuit of her passion, loving aloud. Maturity oozes through lyrics reflecting pain as an African American witnessing social injustices & personal trials. Her appreciation for nature and life’s simple pleasures offer hope & respite from our day-to-day challenges. Emblazoned throughout with the various golden bricks, all used to build the house of a life well learned and lived, this book will captivate the reader with full on experiences, relatedness to life in life's terms, awareness, appreciation, & ultimately these golden expressions of poetry. From the challenges of injustices of the world, to more intimate trials, to celebration of so many, some here & some who have passed, this book covers more than a steppingstone path, but a deep dive into the realities of life. From these depths, the eagle soars as we get to experience transitions & triumphs, all a grand, escorted travel through faith and hope. As the author shares her love of life, she talks in terms of her elder years to come & the transition. She celebrates grandchildren & the companionship of her beloved spouse. Prepare to be amazed at the levels this author is willing to share. Also prepare to grow with this book of poetry. As a prolific force with her dedications, Zaneta Varnado Johns has expressed her personal appreciation for souls before her and who we have lost. Be inspired by the senior citizen with spunk, Ms. Maggie. Wipe a tear at the photo of the author's granddaughter as she reads Amanda Gorman's poetry. Sit in high reverence to Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins, lost too soon. Johns goes on to praise George Bamu of the African Agenda, & Jason Merriweather. Family & close friends are also a part of the round of accolades so dearly shared. We get to see inside the humor of this creative author as she shares about bubble baths to her closet & her dedicated pathways with her beloved spouse. In fact, before we dip into the waters of this journey, Johns' husband James offers a beautiful foreword & his own heartfelt poem, a grand send off for the golden pathways of this poetic journey. At the end of the book is a section for book clubs, ready with discussion topics. The opening to this space is surrounded with anthologies and books of which graced her shelves in 2021. To end this prized book you will find the most requested poem.


Publication Date
Mar 29, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Zaneta Varnado Johns



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