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Down a Notch

ByZoe X. Rider

Guitarist Nicky Hazard has a drinking problem, an aggression problem, and, when he wakes up in his hotel room in the middle of his band’s latest tour, a serious dick problem. The problem is he can’t get to his dick, thanks to the metal tube locked around it. With no recollection as to how or when this thing got put on him, he goes banging on his bandmates’ doors, demanding answers, but no one has any. When he receives an enigmatic invitation to the presidential suite at the hotel across the street, he hobbles over, the steel cuff digging into his groin with every step. His intention is to pound on whoever opens the door until they relinquish the key, and he doesn’t care how many teeth he has to break against his knuckles to make that happen. But when he gets there, things don’t go at all the way he’s planned. “Down a Notch” is a 14,500-word gay (m/m) erotic story featuring chastity, bondage, extortion, oral training, domination, submission, keyholding, self-control, and more.


Publication Date
Apr 1, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Zoe X. Rider



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