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15 Social Media Secrets That'll Get You Paid

Leveraging Social Media Like a Boss

ByZyykirrah Casado

Have you ever found that you are spending a lot of time online using Social Media? Have you ever thought this could be a tool to help you generate an extra income? " The 15 Social Media Secrets That'll Get you Paid" is a powerful eBook and paperback that will teach you how to generate leads for your business, increase your network for your brand, and or show you how you can trade your well spent time online to $$$$. The author, Zyykirrah Casado has taught on Social Media for the past 9 years and is asked annually to attend several National Conventions of fortune 500 companies along with recognition from countless business professionals. She has helped hundreds develop a better understanding of Social Media and help increase their lead generation tremendously. Whether you are in Network Marketing, A Small Business Owner, Offer a Service or Product, a Leader, or just want to learn how millions are generating online, this is the right book for you! In Addition to all her amazing tips, there is a short interview with Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur Dwight Henry, the owner of DEMIC! This short Q &A reveals the projection of the future of Social Media so you can be in the front of this forever changing platform. That alone is the entire value of this book! Please share this book with everyone that you know! Thank you for support.


Publication Date
Jul 4, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (artist): Zyykirrah Casado



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