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John Fischer

I have always been active and loved playing sports. But, up until the age of 40, I never ran consistently. Shortly after I turned 40, in 2009, I ran my first race, a 5K with my son Kevin. And I was hooked! I began writing a blog about running in 2012, titled 10K and Beyond. And sure, enough, I went to 10Ks and well beyond! I've now got five marathons behind me, along with bunches of shorter races, and I've really improved as a runner along the way. But, even more than that, running has brought so much to my life - joy, pride, gratitude, and great new friendships. And, perhaps best of all, I'm just getting started! Whether you are a runner or not, I hope you will enjoy my story. And I hope it will inspire you to take on a similar adventure in your life. Enjoy the journey!