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Anika King

Mistress of the short, sharp and curly tale, Annika King ever delights with her saucy, witty, somewhat twisted, oft-times macabre narrative style. Byron Bay born of European vintage. Annika's latest release, 'How To Write 90,000 words in 90 days launched internationally in paperback edition this year; the essential writing tool for all writer's who still struggle to actually sit down and write! Copies of her earlier adult fiction anthology, 'Straight Up... With A Twist!' are available in both a Hard Cover Collector Edition for the discerning book lover and a Special Edition Paperback for those who just want a good read! Wholesale copies of all Annika's books can be purchased from the Ingram website. Alternatively, all editions can be ordered globally via any online or in-store book-seller using the ISBN and/or book title & author's name. Chat with Annika on Twitter: @AuthorAnikaKing Visit her website: