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Al Tyas

Al Tyas is the author of the books Last Call on the Potomac and his newest publication, Project Rabbit Hole. He has studied the supernatural and the occult for most of his adult life, and has a passion for finding links and patterns with the old and the new. Tyas holds a B.A. in classical history from Rhode Island College, and an M.A. from American Military University. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all veterans of foreign wars. Tyas also published his masters thesis, The American Nuclear Submarine and Cold War Deterrence, in 2012. He frequently lectures for Navy history and heraldry at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. He has served as a federal employee since 1997. A French-Canadian-American, Tyas speaks intermediate French and has an intense interest in Arcadian/French-American culture. He frequently travels to Louisiana and loves writing. His main goal is to teach people that not everything supernatural is a ghost...some findings are far worse.