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Mark Haywood

Apostle Mark A. Haywood serves as the senior pastor of Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to the union of Evangelist Julia and Suffragan Bishop E.C. Haywood, Apostle Haywood was raised in the tradition of Apostolic holiness. After laboring with the vision for more than three years, on June 14th 2005 Apostle Mark A. Haywood stepped out in faith, and with the blessing of his pastor, founded Christ Kingdom Church. 2013 brought Apostle Haywood back to where he started as he was called to return to his home church, Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church, to be the successor to his natural father, Suffragan Bishop E.C. Haywood. On Sunday, January 26, 2014 Apostle Mark A. Haywood was installed as the senior pastor of the oldest Pentecostal church in the city.