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Brian Warriner

Brian is not only a psychic medium, reiki master, licensed massage therapist, and Spiritual Teacher. He is also a poet, short story writer, artist/ painter and an avid journal writer. He has written over 1600 poems, 80 + short stories. Most of his work is featured on or in his collections. Which he has a turned into a coffee table book of his art. Brian writes about his life experiences and channels everything into his art, poetry, and stories. He collects many journals that he chronicles his spiritual journey. Wherever Brian is; you can be sure he has his poetry journal and his journal with him. Spending time in quiet meditation or walking along the beach in reflection is normally where you find Brian. He enjoys many outdoor activities and enjoys a night in. Brian is also Gay making him one of the many LGBTQIA Authors and Artists in the world. Adding his unique voice and content to the conversation. Be out Be Loud and Be Proud