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Cezanne Taharqa

Cezanne is an award-winning Visual & Spoken Word Artist and International Author, Events Host and Workshop Facilitator, guided by her in-tuition. She writes Self-help books to share everything she has learned since asking God for 'The Truth!' in 2007. Her Self-help novel 'Journey of a Sister' is the Revised Edition of 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' - it includes TWO NEW CHAPTERS (Years 12 & 13). In 2014 Cezanne won the title 'International Artist of the Year' in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA) for her poetry collection 'Seeds of Love', which features in her books. Cezanne's latest Self-help book 'How to Get the Ring On Your Finger' has contributions from over 30 brothers. It will help you PREPARE to meet your match, ATTRACT your soul mate, and then guide you through the whole dating process, including doing the 'DIY Arranged Marriage' which involves doing 'The 6 Month Test'. 'Follow' Cezanne's blog to get her weekly articles in your inbox: