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Hi, my name is Colin Owen and I'm from England. I live in a beautiful spar town called Malvern which is famous for its hills and water. Malvern is also famous for the Morgan motor car which is still hand built not half a mile from where I live. I'm a life long musician and sound recorder. I have been profesional in both areas. As a musician in the sixties I was involved in the 'Mersey Beat' in Liverpool, the city where I was born. (I have the accent to prove it!) As a recording engineer I spent 15 years at The Old Smithy recording studio near Worcester (uk). I still play, mainly piano these days, but bass guitar from time to time. I still earn my keep by recording and producing albums for solo singers. I also make radio shows for some Christian ministers. I am 'born again' as they say, and occasionally travel to churches to preach. Golly gosh...