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Collette Sinclaire

Collette Sinclaire lives with her husband, seven children including three children that have been adopted from Ethiopia and Guatemala and two Golden Retrievers in a home filled with love. Collette has always been a staunch proponent of human rights in all forms, supporting the civil rights of individuals worldwide. The Risch Foundation, a charitable organization which focuses on the needs of children, especially those with special needs, was founded by Collette and her husband, Camden Risch. The Risch Foundation's goal is to open locations for education, health and support in countries with few resources. Collette and Camden are parents to an autistic daughter and are advocates for those with autism. Being a medium and a Channel means Collette has a million friends in every state. No matter the day of the week or where she finds herself, life is never dull. Collette is living proof that dead doesn't have to mean boring.