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Curtis Wray Christian

A chronic underachiever in the early years of high school, Curtis Wray Christian Jr. eventually discovered, for himself, the truth of the theme of a Kurt Vonnegut novel. That theme, presented in Mother Night, tells us that we are what we pretend to be. He had always lacked confidence in himself... and it showed. But in his senior year, he enrolled in a Speech and Drama class. And he began to apply what he was learning for the stage to real life. He pretended to be unafraid of things that actually terrified him... and he no longer trembled. But, deep inside where no one could see, he was a painting by Edvard Munch. The carefully muffled screams were audible only to himself. For good or ill, after years of editing and continuously running the lines of the script, he had become the character he was pretending to be. Eventually, he no longer had to actively pretend. The charade was running itself. And he could no longer hear the screams within.