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David Lee Short

I was born in Kualakapuas, a Dayak village on the island of Borneo—my parents were missionaries. Shortly after my birth, we all returned to the United States. I grew up in Missouri where my father wrote and edited. After several years, we returned to Borneo. The way back was long and hard; we waited 3 months in Adelaide, South Australia, and another 3 months on the island of Ambon in the Moluccas. By the grace of God, none of the Japanese munitions I collected from the Ambon beaches exploded. I did, however, develop a fondness for mangos that has never left me. Although I wrote in school, fighting wars and raising babies (OK, my wife did most of the baby-raising) caused me to set it aside for some years. While snowed in for a week in Wisconsin, I decided to write a short story to pass the time. A little more than 100,000 words later, the novel Pastime came to be. Alaya is a departure for me. Fantasy, rather than hard science fiction, it is Swords and Sorcery without the sorcery.