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Erik Wilcox

Erik Wilcox has been writing articles and reviews for many years, most recently for "Astronomy Technology Today" magazine. He also runs a forum at After moving to an off-grid cabin in Hawaii in 2008, Erik began writing a full-length book about the adventure. "A Path To Paradise" is the end result of that work. In 2012, Erik updated "A Path To Paradise" and it is now available in its Second Edition. In 2015, Erik released his second full-length book, "On The Wrong Side Of Tomorrow", which marks a drastic departure from the writing style and genre of "A Path To Paradise". Showcasing a darker side previously unseen in his writings, Wilcox takes the reader on a mind-bending sci-fi journey across the reaches of space, all the while asking big questions about science, religion, and our place in the Universe. An avid amateur astronomer and musician, Erik enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing tennis. He and his wife Justine live in Ocean View, Hawaii.