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Taylor Wargaming Publications

Taylor Wargaming Publications is a single person operation. Run by Shawn Taylor, and greatly assisted by Robert Dunlop for all Great War Spearhead II products. Taylor Wargaming Publications delves into the less common battlefields of the world ranging from Occult Horse and Musket period up through and including near future battlefields against both the Supernatural and Alien beings. History is also a big part of the program and Shawn has rule books under way or in publication that cover a range of historical areas including World War One at a Skirmish game level, French Indochina and World War Two Special Operations Executive, the Clandestine War! Shawn served in the Canadian Military for more than 38 and a half years in total. While Great War Spearhead II and its stable of scenario books are the staple of Taylor Wargaming Publications, you can expect to see a variety of Rule Books produced over the coming years.