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Indiana Robinson

As part of her collaborative effort, Dr. Indiana Robinson and friends, Dr. Robert L. Wolf, Retired Lt. Col. USMC/Major Gen, NYSNM; Dr. Barbara Sharpe, Dr. Angela Walker, Dr. Herma Meade Thompson, Maureen Wilks Miller, Dr. Nilsa Fleury, and Loren Jackson have issued works that fall under the auspices InJa Ink PPP - People, Production, and Promotion. The works are non-categorizable in that they focus on various media including contemporary culture on art abstracts elevating the mundane, the environment/nature, Africanism/freedom, racism/injustice, universalism, existentialism, death and immortality, children/futurism, social/self-consciousness, ancestry, memoirs, artist biographies/historical contexts, proverbs, and social commentary, unleashing truth, and thought-provoking expose’/voyeurism, as well as religious/spiritual values, and narrative and figurative forms.