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Wisdom Extracted from the holy Quran which is Gold and Diamond for the soul and Heart of believers , Get your self A copy as a family treasure that will empower your light mighty and power, a kind of this book has never been written by any one before and will never be written ever again because its revealed to me by the blessed Angel of revelation of the holy Quran our Master blessed Angel Jibrael aleih salaam ( peace be upon him) and other blessed Angles in his team aleihim salaam ( peace be upon them) from Allah Subhanahu wataala ( The Most Glorified The Exalted in mighty) a she send him 1435 years to our Master the holy prophet Muhammad Rasulu-llah al-mustapha sallah Llahu aleih wasallama ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) sent to All people of the world as mercy to the entire creation, in this book a secret is revealed how Imam Mahd will emerge, that why it is expensive book and will get more expensive later, its better you but now a copy as a family treasure.