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Laura Crean

Hi! My name is Laura Crean and I am a single mother of three beautiful daughters who are the light of my life. I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl and I started to record them at the tender age of 14 in a little diary that became my friend when I was low. Over the years I have discovered that I quite enjoy writing and so I decided to publish my works. My series of children's books are set in the "Realm of the Purple Dragon." The first book (a junior novel - Titled "The Realm of the Purple Dragon") is available to buy, as well as some in the toddler and infant series (I was trained as a Nursery Nurse many years ago and love children's books). I do also have several novels on the go at once - so watch this space - I'm sorry they ARE a long time in the making - life, you know! LOL. Oh yes! I also paint - so if you buy the super-duper deluxe colour hardback copy of my poems or one of my calendars when they come up for sale, you will also see a lot of my artwork beautifully displayed within their pages. Or you can hop on over to Redbubble to buy my artwork - Thank you for supporting me - Love and Light - Xx Laura xX