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Marica Love

Marica Love’s passion for humanity, music, creativity, and living an abundant life is rivalled only by her love of her children; motherhood is the root of her greatest successes. Born and raised in Australia, Marica is the eldest of four siblings. She moved to Europe at the age of eighteen and stayed until the end of the Croatian War of Independence in 1995. Marica’s personal journey is candidly chronicled in her new book, Married to the War, the first in a series. Once hailed by a newspaper photographer as “Nice, friendly, flamboyant and savvy”, Marica embraces those accolades and flourishes in every role she undertakes. She was the station manager, a member of the board of directors, on on-air presenter and program manager with WOWfm 100.7 for five years and was the producer of her television show ‘Unsigned & Inspiring’ on CH31. Music serves as an endless source of motivation and inspiration to her. Marica's portfolio is crypto cookies and cream. She currently lives in Sydney writing away. NEW BOOK AWARDS 'WINNER' USA 2015/16!