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Monika D'Agostino

Hello, and welcome to Consultative Sales Academy. I’m Monika D’Agostino the founder and Chief Consultative Sales Officer. Sales is my passion and it is my goal to elevate the reputation of sales people and improve the overall perception of sales. My background was not in sales and to this day I feel that it worked to my advantage. My mission is to bring the least common of the senses - Common Sense - back into sales. Born in Vienna, Austria, I moved to the US in 1994 after a successful 17-year career in the insurance industry where I had worked my way up in an almost 100% male-dominated hierarchy to become one of a very few successful female managers. Faced with a completely new business world in the States, I quickly embraced the fast-paced environment without losing sight of my European roots and remembering that in the end it is people who matter. This insight has helped me connect with business associates and friends alike. For over a decade I have worked with companies and indiv