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Nicholas John

Nicholas John is an artist and writer living in St Albans in the UK. He first started writing the many enthralling stories that feature Éjula and his various friends who inhabit the sanctuary of the ancient gardens in 1993. Éjula's world is a very exciting place to visit, especially if you are aged 7 to 12 and looking for some cracking stories to read! There are marvelous mysteries, deeds of derring-do, tales of battles against the odds, and even a kidnapping. Some stories are witty, others will bring a tear to the eye, all of them will grip the reader from start to finish and draw them in to Éjula's secret world. There are haughty characters like the lioness Princess Zazana-Ocupu, delightful creatures such as Nin 34, a grizzly bear from Alaska and a rhinoceros called Thalawa, as well as a croquet-playing lion and a wolf that makes magic potions and many more. 9 stories in ePUB format are here. If you want to buy the compilation paperback of all ten stories you will be able to shortly.