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Reba Linker

I am passionate about sharing my story and helping others discover theirs as well. I know from the inside the importance of following your dreams, the peace of accepting yourself, the healing of owning your own story, and the magic of surrendering to a creative idea. While I have studied with great spiritual teachers, and what I learned from them is invaluable, now I can say that what I have learned most deeply has been hard-won through my own life experience. I’ve been there. Join the Follow the Yarn community at and sign up for a free newsletter at Previous titles include The Compost Heroes, about which folksinger Pete Seeger wrote: “If there is still a world here in 2011 it will be billions of little things that will save us. Thanks, Ms. Linker!” I take great joy in bringing children the message of caring for our planet. The Compost heroes is available only at