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The story of the Quark Matter Card game was first reported by the Happy New Year 2011 feature article of Karen McNulty Walsh on the opening web-page of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, US, on January 4, 2011. The first, Hungarian edition of this book on this topic was written up for the "Meet the Scientist" program in Hungary, launched by the Hungarian Association for Innovation, the Hungarian Fulbright Association and the US Embassy to Hungary. Brookhaven Science Associates Inc, the company that manages Brookhaven National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy, obtained the copyright to all the non-Hungarian language editions of this book and its derivative works untill 2024. BSA made the 3rd English Edition available on Brookhaven's Store, from May 2013. For more details as well as for new games and free downloads, see the above links. Currently, we have 15-30 % discounts on the paperback editions for both the 1st Hungarian and the 3rd English editions.