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Richard Harris

After leaving a 20-year career as a Graphic Artist and Cartoonist for a large city newspaper, Richard Harris taught college courses and freelanced cartoons to magazines, adult entertainment guides and websites around the country. Gradually he turned his attention to writing and drawing humorous cartoon greeting cards, which led to the creation of the Cards By Harris website in 2008. Harris' art style always favored an edgy, racy tone and feel so he began to focus on the adult market. Today the Cards By Harris website ( offers sexual-themed animated cartoons, or "cards" along with personalized cartoons, books, animations, gifs, gifts, novelties & more. Harris' cartoons have became popular on social media and appear in various ads all over the internet. Now Harris has put together a compilation of his funniest cartoon works in print and in ebook form for his fans everywhere to enjoy! Order "D These Cartoons Make My Ass Look Big?" today!