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Shanon (Cox) Clay

I write as therapy. In 2012 I published some of these works in a book entitled Insert Title Here: Excerpts from a Functioning Idiot. A collection of journal entries describing my life, funny and serious. Mostly funny, some serious, and some not for the faint of heart. If you’re offended easily, then you’re probably reading the wrong book. First thing 2015 I published a follow up to that entitled Confessions of the Spoonkiller. 18 more months of stories, interviews and some personal introspection. All profits from sales of Confessions will benefit veteran support non profits. About me? Well.. I'm from a small town in North Georgia. I went to college for a while, I went to Atlanta for a while, I was married for a while, I went to Savannah for a while... now I reside on the south side of Atlanta, GA. My motorcycles are my first and last love. I am very active in the military support community with the Bomber Girls LRC. I'm out of room, you can follow and/or contact me below.