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Simone Myrie

Born in the parish of Westmoreland Simone is a citizen of Jamaica. She completed aspects of her education and gained work experience there before living in London, England , Canada and migrating to the United States of America where she now reside as a citizen of that country . ​ Her life’s involvement and passion has been centered around entrepreneurship and Philanthropy as she has engaged in authoring several publications and undertaken numerous charitable undertakings in Jamaica, United States and Nigeria in Africa.Background ​A devout Christian, mother, writer and businesswoman, Simone sees herself as a person that has been placed on earth for many reasons and is determined to fulfill every single one of them. Her willingness to take on daunting tasks and face challenging situations has endeared her to many. ​ She continues to contribute to several philanthropic causes and participates in several community outreach projects and activities. ​