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Lidia Tremblay

Hello, and welcome to my page! My writing is a sacred art - capturing images, seeing beyond the surface, allowing the characters to lead their own stories - all this ignites my imagination, and pour through my fingers to create poetry and stories. Another book on pagan spirituality, POINTS OF THE PENTAGRAM, is not listed here, but if you're interested, please contact me directly. Stonewood Vale series consists of KALEIDOSCOPE, HARRIET'S STORY, and NIGHTSHADE. This fantasy series chronicles the goings on in a small magical city located in Northern Ontario. The past few months I was busy working on my dream journals, and finally completed DREMS AND RITUALS. The dream journals, MY NIGHT LIFE, are intended more for my own use. They will come in very handy for the next two books I'm planning, DREAMS AND FAIRY TALES, and DREAMS AND DEITIES. Before I start on these, however, I will take time to complete my memoires, LITERARY SELFIE. Thank you for dropping by!