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Image of Author Lucinda F. Boyd R.N.

Lucinda F. Boyd R.N.

I am a Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Registered Nurse, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Activist, Educator. I am an Author and Editor of multiple books including “Real Love II” Memoirs of Beverly Broadus Green, Mother of Hip Hop Icon Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg. I sit on multiple Board of Directors and Committees. We are striving to educate the youth and others about the dangers of gangs, drugs, violence and abuse and that with the right tools you can make positive changes in your life. We believe that through our vision and The Streets Don’t Love You Back Organization we can and will create change and healing for many people in our country. This is our Mission Lucinda F. Boyd R.N., Co-Founder and President of The Streets Don't Love You Back