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Pegi Foulkrod, Gincy Heins, Trish Hughes Kreis, Richard Kreis and Kathy Lowrey Smith have different caregiving experiences but share a common bond: a strong sense of advocacy and a desire to help others while having a little fun! We know that caregiving is tough - emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. We also know it can be rewarding and full of love, surprises and adventure. Sometimes we laugh, cry or scream but always we advocate and always we support each other. We want to support you, too. We write books for caregivers full of practical tips because, as caregivers, we have to make the most of our limited time, money and energy and these tips are designed with those limited resources in mind. Our books are full of common sense and hard-earned lessons presented in a quick to read format for the busy caregiver. Know there are others on this caregiving journey with you and we are here to help.