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Johannes van Driel

O Gracious Lord, I enter Thy Radiance, and approach Thy Presence, bearing with me the service done in Thy name, and for Thee. I seek to become a more efficient server, and open my heart and mind to the power of Thy Love, and Thy Joy and Thy peace. In Thy presence, Thy Love floods my being. Love which is gentleness, kindness, helpfullness, I must therefore be loving, gentle, kind and helpful to all men. In Thy presence, Thy joy pervades me. Joy which is light, radiance and eternal youth. I must therefore bear Thy Joy to those who are sad and depressed. In Thy presence, Thy Peace enfolds me and fills me with contentment, certainty, rest, stillness. Thy Peace which passeth understanding. I must therefore be a centre of Love, Joy and Peace in this world. I place my hands in Thine with all love and trust and confidence, for Thou art indeed my Lord. From the unreal lead me to the Real, from darkness to Light, from death to Life eternal.