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Wendy Narby

Wendy Narby is a wine educator, writer, and guide. She read a master’s in international wine and food marketing in Paris where she lived for eight years before she married a wine maker and moved to Bordeaux. There, she started working as a wine journalist and teacher. She travels the world speaking about Bordeaux. As a practicing yogi for more than twenty years, Narby often leads wine and wellness tours. She drinks wine for a living. Inspired by clients asking how she retains her figure, wellness, and energy levels despite her wine-fuelled existence, she shares how, in her thirty years of living and working in the French food and wine industry, she has understood how to balance a regular wine intake with healthy lifestyle choices. In The Drinking Woman’s Diet, she addresses the question many women ask: how to maintain their health without giving up their love of wine. Narby shares some of the tricks she has learned, allowing her to stay healthy but having a great time doing so.