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Chris Myrski

I call myself intelligent laic, because was former research assistant, but with the coming of democracy in Bulgaria, being unemployed now for more than quarter of a century, I have become a /demo-critical/ realist, and begun to write scientifically-popular books about the democracy, and later about some etymological matters, and some poetry, and some essays, and SF stories, and other things. Then I have translated everything in Russian and published it on Russian sites, but being not much read due to the serious problems on which I focus, I have translated, by the by, everything also in English (and intend to do this partly in German, too), and have begun to write things firstly in English, as well also many poetry in 3 languages (English, Russian, and Bulgarian — in order not to get much bored), so that now my works in those languages count about 50 or so books. As a result of this in 2017 I have decided to begin to ... conquer the Western world. And this is why I am here.