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Ri Laser

My imagination is - as you can see by the picture – afire. My stories are a little dangerous, because the writing process often leads to bio-electric hat ignition. Reading goes very well with a fireplace, a lantern or candle, because they are all essentially the same thing, except one kind of fire, reading, is within, and the other kind is without. This book grew from a cold, faint ember in a forgotten fireplace within. As the ember turned to flame, I could see scenes of my mother cooking on magma, grinding beetles into flour, and wanting to reap the joy of feeding her family and bringing them together. That kind of joy carried her through life’s vicissitudes. This is the first of many Wonderstrands World Books. Long ago, in another world, Mr. Laser attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, UCLA, and was a graduate and member of The American Conservatory Theatre. He has won awards in Lighting Design and Playwriting.