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Mico Hadjo

The Yamasee Indian Nation, of Florida,& South Carolina clears up the misconception of total extinction. The website of the Official Yamassee Government, makes clear of its Tribal Identity through their Newly Appointed Miko Se'khu Gentle, and it is Officially Recognized as a Sovereign Nation with the same previous rights, of their predecessors ie... Aripuka & The Indian Land Treaty 1707. Chief Gentle, is a Lineal Descendant of the Yamassee, last seen in northern Florida, between Miccosuki (State of Muskogee) St. Augustine & Pensacola and having descendants from what was called "Indian Land", in Beaufort South Carolina . Having family living on Florida census records in the Monticello, Fl area Known for some of the Largest Mounds in Florida. Se'khu is the Son of Col. Geronimo Gentle, a Descendant of Miccosuki Chief Sam Jones "Abiaka Hadjo"