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Ron Choong, PhD is a theologian of science and Director of the Academy for Christian Thought in New York City. His interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation “Neuroscience, Nolition and Moral Cognition: Do we Sin because we are Sinners or are we Sinners because we Sin” at Princeton Theological Seminary was awarded magna cum laude. Ron's research interests include human origins and the evolution of morality, as well as consciousness, cognition and the biology of belief. He is working on an interdisciplinary doctrine of creation that spans geohistory, engaging the fields of physics and biochemistry. In his own spiritual quest, he conducts field explorations and pilgrimages to trace the footsteps of spiritual travelers of various religions in their quest for God, primarily along the Chinese and Indian Silk Roads of the Taklamakan Desert and the Himalayas. He serves as the Executive Director of ACT, based in New York City. His current interests include the emergence of religious cognition, the history of Bible formation, the doctrine of creation, as well as paleoanthropology and cognitive neuroscience.