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Albert Frank

I was born in 1943 somewhere on the dark face of the moon;-) I studied mathematics (option: physics, general relativity) at the Liège University. From 1966 to 1994, I was a teacher in Universities in different Central Africa countries, and made several researches. A summary of the main one, made with the help of Dr. Max Euwe, can be seen ("Chess and aptitudes") at I became national chess master of several countries and International chess arbiter. I was also puzzles creator. In 1994, I had to escape from Rwanda, when the horror started there. I came back to Belgium and retired in 2003. I have written about 50 articles, and three books. Among them, NATAN, a book in connection with communication: My favourite authors: Einstein, Kafka, Stapledon, Hofstadter. My favourite films: Citizen Kane, Cabaret, Les enfants du paradis. Particularity: I have no television My motto:"Everybody does it" is not a reason for doing it.