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Lutz Barz

Cold War Baby. Parents emigrated out of central Europe to calmer waters in Australia. Comparative freedom. Total failure at high school. Worked at various jobs at Port Kembla steelworks and related heavy industry then returned to university and got a degree in sociology. Unemployed. Drove buses in Sydney, got married and wrote that first book - Artifice - inspired by Dr Who and Babylon 5. Got married. Got divorced. Wrote the second novel, an epic - Virtual Quantum Collapse - which runs to just over two thousand pages. Living in Newcastle and onto the third novel. Science fiction is a buzz. Do research my stuff. Quantum anything is fascinating. As is our human brain, our fantasy and imagination and the universe our playground. Get Artifice FREE when you buy VQC. Send e-receipt as text to: [email protected] sub: two for one and I'll send the book as a PDF file to your inbox.