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Anita Shepherd

Anita Shepherd was born in Phoenix, AZ in 1977 and has resided in the state of Arizona her entire life thus far, and now living in the small town of Maricopa. During a certain period of her life in Maricopa she became a math tutor at a home-school group of 16 students for four years, where her interest in theatrical writing came to fruition. She has worked on many entertainment projects, including writing and directing plays for youth as well as creating dance numbers for school and business gatherings. Being inspired by a close friend, Anita wrote a small Christmas play called "The Santa Genie", which was peformed live at a ranch dinner theater. Later, Anita became the script supervisor for a feature film produced by New Eden Productions called Celestial Run, in which her first book "The Santa Genie" was partially read in the film. From then on her hobby started to become a second career for the young inspiring writer as she is now continuing the holiday stories of Brad & Chad.