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David Langford

David Langford is a professional author and editor who as Ansible Editions publishes selected work by favourite authors (plus a few items of his own) through Lulu. Ansible's first big Lulu project was the three-volume edition of Algis Budrys’s classic “Benchmarks” SF/fantasy critical columns, written for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from 1975 to 1993. The 2020 follow-up Beyond the Outposts collects Budrys's longer essays on science fiction and fantasy. Other titles include rare Brian Aldiss essays collected as The Jonbar Point; the first – and very much expanded – book edition of Rob Hansen's THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: 1930-1980; further fan-history compilations by Hansen; the collected reviews and essays of SF Encyclopedia founder Peter Nicholls; John Sladek’s New Maps (collected nonfiction) and last-written novel Puff Love; and Ted White’s collected editorials and reviews from his decade with the magazines Amazing and Fantastic.