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Image of Author Ashley Randolph - The NICU Advocate

Ashley Randolph - The NICU Advocate

Ashley Randolph saw a strong need to change the conversation when it comes to how Black NICU Families are treated in the NICU, at home and in school. Systemic racism is prevalent in every setting for these families and sets the stage for a vulnerable infant to grow into a child witnessing healthcare, therapeutic and educational environments that are inadequate in terms of racial and healthy equity. Ashley Randolph: Ashley is the African American mother of 3 preemies, founder of GLO Preemies (, co-Founder of the Alliance for Black NICU Families and Chair to California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative. She was Mrs. America's Virtuous Woman 2021. She is the author of her autobiography Black, Pregnant, and shamed about her experiences with her 3 high-risk pregnancies and preterm births and co-author of "Will Our Egg Hatch Early". She is the owner of GLO Preemies TV on Roku and Host of ``The Ashley Randolph Show" on the GLO Preemies Podcast. She is also on the Advisory Board for numerous companies and organizations. It is her mission to provide continuous and complete family centered care to African American families in low-income communities nationwide.