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Aybek Izzatov

This book is a unification of mystical, scientific and philosophical concepts into a symbiosis of one whole. At a glance it might sound hard to achieve.  Keep on reading and you will be sure to get every nuance of this book.  You will understand where the shining of Absolute Truth comes from.  Gradually your need for concepts to be clarified will grow, and with it I will be explaining matters from simple to more complex.  I will use examples of daily life to explain things and concepts.  It is my hope that this book will bring knowledge and truth into your life on this unique planet of Earth.  If you are in search of knowledge and Absolute truth you will enjoy reading and learning from this book.  As you read this book and meditate over the concepts and events described in it you will acquire a different realization of the world, your mind will be lighten up with the fire of reasoning.  This realization will reach the limit of human consciousness transforming your life into voyage..