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Hello Strangers!   This is the author page of Hong Kong poet, columnist & transcreator beergal.   Being a veteran writer for 20 years, beergal has garnered numerous prizes in writing contests including the 34th YLAA, and was interviewed by local media e.g. Marie Claire, Amy magazine, RTHK and DBC數碼電台 for her creativity and fun-loving lifestyle.   1.《寂寞一天》(2000) - available in Books & Co. (10 Park Road, Mid-levels) & Hong Kong public libraries 2.《愛後餘生》(2011) - xanga 詩文結集 3.《格林大話》(2012) - 全新詩文、小說 4.《假愛之名》(2013) - 全新詩文、小說 5.《然後我忘了你》(2017) - 全新詩文、小說