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Grant Thorsson

My name is Grant Thorsson. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar II in October 2011. Upon my diagnosis I haven’t received any information about the illness. I was shocked, terrified and upset; I was previously diagnosed with depression and I felt I knew how to live with it. Bipolar was a new beast that I didn’t know how to fight. My book, “Bipolar For Beginners”, is for those who have just recently received the diagnosis — or for those close to them — who would like to understand the things I didn’t back then. It’s a short and concise compilation of knowledge I acquired in the time that passed since I got diagnosed. I do not pretend to be a medical professional — I am just a patient, like all of you. I do not write in medicalese — I write in plain English and share the knowledge I needed back then. I hope you will find it helpful.