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Ron Miller

The publisher of Black Cat Press is an internationally known illustrator/author whose fifty books include the Hugo Award-winning The Art of Chesley Bonestell, The Grand Tour, which has been deemed a "modern classic" (with nearly a quarter million copies in print), and an eleven-volume series for young adults---Worlds Beyond---which received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Physics. Many of these books have gone through multiple printings, foreign translations and have been Book-of-the-Month selections. In addition to his non-fiction books are a number of novels, including Bradamant, Velda and the Bronwyn tetralogy. In addition to reprints of Miller's own books, Black Cat Press also offers reprints of classic science fiction and fantasy novels, including a special line devoted to books featuring some of the great heroines of the two genres: She, Atlantida, Angel Island and many others. Many of these are available only through Black Cat Press.