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John Cowart

Bluefish Books specializes in old diaries & letters, history, biographies, memoirs, novels, inspirational books, and other works edited or written by John Cowart. ***** Visit John's Rabid Fundamentalist website which specializes in history and religious humor. Note: John pokes fun at no one's faith but his own - so he has plenty of material to work with. **** Notice to Poor Readers I earn my living selling my books. I have no other source of income, so sales are important to me. No sales, no money. However, I’ve spent much of my life in poverty. I’ve often lived in want myself. Many’s the time I saw books which I did not have money to buy. That hurt. Therefore, if you honestly do not have money to buy one of my books, please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me that you honestly can not afford a book, and I will e-mail a pdf, read only, copy for you to read on your computer. One per customer please. I know you can’t served God and mammon, but I try. — John Cowart